Friday, March 28, 2014

You can become a channel of profit for many

Venerable John Climacus ~ The Ladder of Divine Ascent
Step 12 ~ On Lying

¶5. When the demons see that, after the mischievous relater of jests has begun, we attempt to flee from hearing him, as it were from an infectious disease, then they try to catch us by two thoughts, suggesting to us: ‘Do not offend the story-teller,’ or: ‘Do not appear to love God more than they do.’ Be off! Do not dally, otherwise at the time of your prayer, the jokes will recur to your mind. And not only run, but even piously disconcert the bad company by offering for their general attention the thought of death and judgment. For perhaps it is better for you to be sprinkled with a few drops of vainglory, if only you can become a channel of profit for many.

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