Saturday, July 23, 2011

Orthodox priest more privileged than the archangels

Saint Nektarios: Saint of our Century
Sotos Chondropolous ~ p. 189

Many of Nektarios' students went on to be ordained as priests. He even ordained some of them himself, and this was a great source of happiness for him, for he knew that it opened shining roads leading to the gates of the kingdom of Heaven. An Orthodox priest was even more privileged than the archangels, for a humble cleric was allowed to lend his hand to God during the performance of the bloodless sacrifice, the Eucharist. Even in death, he would not cease to perform the great mystery at the heavenly altar along with chosen souls, of all different races and nationalities, in front of the sacrificed lamb, the Son of the living God. An Orthodox priest is a person who partakes in the sublime sacrifice of God; it is the voluntary sacrifice of a man that approaches the sacrifice of God.

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